EXILE Be Mine feat. 99% Radio Allstars

Be Mine/ビー・マイン(俺のものになれ)
feat. 99% Radio Allstars

Here is a little story about a girl tonight, with two knights
Anytime we got the game 'cause of a girl,
sing like please be mine
We never know everything about a girl
but that's the point we want to shine
We'd rather know(why?) You get on your nerve?
Have to look in their eyes and…
Singing, rapping, appeal for you lady
Men's world something we get crazy
Triangle battle can't be lazy
Cool introduction before you'll be mine…

Tell me, where U were last night 君に電話したのに ah
No answer tell me why 抱きしめたいのに
他にいるんだね so stop lying 2 me ごまかさないで baby
But, I Believe in Ur heart

My body's hot 4 U, I adore U
そばに来て 君なしではいられない

Don't wanna be without ya so come with me
I can't breathe without ya so be with me baby

I'm gonna call the shots from now on
僕の方がいいよ come with me

I won't leave without ya so be my girl
They'll never another number 1 in my world baby

I see U as my Lady
When U're with him it drives me crazy
I need U 2 be my baby
Come over here when I say and baby take me

I know 今すぐ抱きしめたい
I wanna kiss Ur body right 包み込むように
僕ならもっと I'll take good care of U lady そう思うのなら baby
I only wanna make U happy

I wanna cuddle up in the suds

Girl U and I been together 4 sometime
Come and take my hand and together we'll do fine alright

I'm tired of his story

I wanna be with U till the end of my life
And girl U know quality


Everytime I hold U never 永遠に
離さない このままずっと oh baby

U just can't leave me by myself
Right 2 the arms of someone else

Don't let nobody touch U or come between us
だからそろそろ知りたい Ur heart oh hey

And I wanna know what it's gonna be

Him and U or U and me